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The Union Jack, or Union Flag, is the national flag of the United Kingdom.The flag also has official status in Canada, byThe Union Jack is a transnational flag full of historical significance. It represents the union of different countries and the growth of a familyA Black Union Jack would b... Скачать What does the UK (Union Jack) flag mean? A brief explanation of the meaning and history behind the well known Union Jack flag, the current flag of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. Music: Celtic Impulse - Celtic by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license.

What Do the Colours on the Union Jack Represent ... The term "Union Jack" refers to the flag being a union between three national flags. A "jack" is a small flag flown on a ship's bowsprit, which was the first place the Union Jack was commonly displayed. The Union Jack is composed of the flags of three patron saints layered one over the other. United Kingdom: colour of the flag - CRW Flags Colour of the flag. According to my old stand-by, Colours of the Fleet, the blue was darkened in 1869 when the Admiralty standardised the naval Union Flag at 1:2, with a narrower St Patrick's saltire.No explanation is given for the dark blue, but I'd speculate that the Admiralty chose the darkest possible shade of blue so that the colour would not fade away before the flag needed replacing.

When the Union of South Africa was established in 1910, the Union Jack was treated as its official flag. The continued use of the Union Jack as national flag became an issue in the 1920s, when the government proposed to introduce a National Flag of the Union. A compromise was reached in which both flags were flown on official buildings.

Black and White Union Jack FLAG 3'x5' UK Great Britain - Amazon.com Amazon.com : Black and White Union Jack FLAG 3'x5' UK Great Britain : Garden ... If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through ... How the Union Flag is Made Up, Origin of the Union Jack (British Flag ... Aug 27, 2017 ... How the Union Flag is Made Up, Origin of the Union Jack (British ... in the first Union Flag), and the red saltire of St Patrick to represent Ireland.

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They're the colours of the union jack, the flag the United Kingdom has presented to the world since 1801. It features the crosses of three patron saints - George (England), Andrew (Scotland) and Patrick (Ireland - although since 1921 only Northern Ireland has been part of the UK). Its official name is the...

Union Jack(Noun). The flag, consisting of the flags of England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland combined, flown on ships of the government of the United Kingdom.Union Jack is a trance music collaboration between Simon Berry and Claudio Giussani, a trance music producer from England.

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New Zealand Flag Debate - Lester Hall Art Where does our nation stand in our minds and what does the constant chat about changing our flag mean to the process of growth and stability? Commons:Graphic Lab/Illustration workshop/Archive/2012 Also I don't known the exact position of the Union jack on the seven stripe version. Is it five stripe down or four stripe down? flag - What is the significance of a black and white Union Jack ... While I can't be certain what the intention of the person flying the flag might be, supporters of Newcastle United Football Club sometimes wave ... What's the meaning behind the black Union Jack? - Quora

How can you tell if the union flag (union jack) is upside down? Please don't fly the Union flag the wrong way up! The broader (wider) diagonal white stripe should be at the top on the side of the flag nearest the flagpole. ... It is also "lese Majeste" (which means: insulting the Crown), and is theoretically still a ...