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Candy Box 2 | MetaFilter Candy Box 2 is out. (candy box previously) posted by juv3nal (211 comments total) 39 users marked this as a favorite.Octopus goes down a lot quicker than the monkey king, but they're both tough. Also consider the order in which you should take on the big bad guys. Candy Box 2 - Page 2 Add candy. Boil. Stop boiling once it gets to the correct point. Repeat. For the final (hot) step, you use a lollipop instead of a candy.The monkey wizard staff (enchanted), The Octopus King crown with obsidian can be helpful in the forest. To get them, defeat Monkey Wizard and Octopus King and...

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Candy Box 2. Contribute to candybox2/ development by creating an account on GitHub. ... In quests, it will summon an Octopus King fighting on your ... Candy Box 2 - Forum - Add category. - Octopus King's Crown with Jaspers Octopus King's Crown with Obsidian Candy Merchant's Hat Rocket Boots. I don't put the Sorceress' Hat in the list because it costs 1 billion candies and it seems too long to reach for a speedrun. candy king | eBay

Jan 27, 2016 · I almost beat the forest by jumping past enemies... And then tree spirit. :( use monkey wizard staff (enchanted) octopus king crown with jaspers pink...

Another strategy is to use the Boots of Introspection, red leather gloves, and a thorn shield. The Octopus King will move towards you and take damage from the thorn shield. Farming him is a very good idea as he gives 4000 candy a pop. Here is an odd fact, part of the octopus king is green. (If you angle your device correctly). Octopus King's Crown - Official Candy Box 2 Wiki The Octopus King's Crown is a piece of armor that can be obtained by defeating the Octopus King in single combat. It does nothing, other than increasing your confidence. If Chocolate bars are thrown into the wishing well, you can enchant the crown.. Enchantments [edit | edit source]. The crown has two Enchantments: Jaspers and Obsidian. When enchanted with Jaspers, it will frequently shoot ... candy box 2 - How do I beat the Octopus King? - Arqade The reduction in damage is enough to over power the octopus with whatever equipment you may have. Once you enchant the crown to fire fireballs, beating the monkey king is easy too. I should also point out I played the entire game without eating a single candy, there are enough health boosting items in the game that you shouldn't require extra ... candy box 2 - How do I beat the Octopus King? - Arqade

Candy Box 2 Playthrough Part 1 - CANDY HEAVENtheGamingmanXD.In this episode of The Candy Box 2, Kyan and I found a bunch of weird stuff while making potions... What is a lolligator!?

Another way to get them is to use The Octopus King Crown with Obsidian and summon Octopus Kings until you can jump up and reach them (If you do not have the Pogo Stick and the Desert Feather, this strategy will not work.). You can also use obsidian walls and cloned turtles to get up. Useful for... Edit. Getting through the forest without taking ... Candy Box 2 - Candybox 2 Route - by danzel_glovington ... Candy Box 2 - Candybox 2 Route - by danzel_glovington. Home; Games; ... enter the mountain range and search for the octopus king ... to kill the octopus, jump over it ... Candy Box 2 | Page 7 | Novel Updates Forum

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Also, what happens if you encrust the Octopus King's crown in ..... I'm doing Candy Box 2, Dark Room, Clicking Bad, and Cookie Clicker. Category:Enemies | Candy Box Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia